My Favorite Holiday Punch

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Holiday cheer is hard to escape this time of year. 

Drinks are always a large part of holiday celebrations and punch is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. Unless there is a wedding or baby/bridal shower, I don’t get the opportunity for punch often, so I drink my fair share this time of the year. 
Everyone makes punch differently. Some combine a lot of fruit juices, while others use the fruit punch and Sprite combination. Most punches include either sherbet or ice cream. Personally, I think ice cream in a punch is just wrong; it’s not fruity and doesn’t add much pizazz. I’m a sherbet or Italian ice kind of girl. 
At a baby shower several years ago, I walked up to the punch bowl and the liquid in the bowl was white. I had never seen such a thing. What would you put in punch to make it white? It was interesting. It wasn’t especially sweet, but a unique flavor. 
I hunted down the person who made the punch and inquired on what exactly you put together to come up with a sweet liquid that is white. She told me that it included a sugar, lime juice and MILK combination. Yes, that’s right. The punch had milk in it. 
There are several recipes on the Internet for white punches. Here is an example of such a recipe
Years ago, while working in a hotel banquet department, I was introduced to a punch recipe that I loved the minute I tasted it. This recipe had a sweet, yet tart taste and people always told us how much they liked it. I always snagged a cup if there were leftovers. It is still my favorite punch recipe that I make whenever I’m on punch duty. 
This recipe is a good combination of sweet and tart flavors that includes cranberry juice, which makes it a festive addition to your holiday celebrations. 
Holiday Punch
8 cups cranberry juice (since cranberry juice is so tart, you may consider a little less and add to taste)
8 cups pineapple juice
8 cups ginger ale
Pineapple sherbet
Combine ingredients for a great holiday punch. You can add vodka or rum if you prefer. Do so to taste.