Funds Available For Potentially Violent Mentally-Ill Children

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Five million new dollars are being made available to help Ohio families that have a mentally-ill child who they worry could turn violent.

The money for the extra intervention and counseling has been ordered by Governor John Kasich.

Officials say they were working on the idea before the December school shootings in Connecticut put the spotlight on ways to prevent violence.

"There are families who get themselves in a position where they have either a young child, or a maybe even an adult child, that have very serious mental health problems. It comes about sometimes because people aren't taking their medications or there are multiple medications that one person gets that really doesn't help this person," said Kasich.

Mental health officials say the extra money could help pay for emergency treatment for mentally-ill children who've been threatening.

Or it could help their overwhelmed parents get a temporary break from their constant daily responsibilities of caring for their troubled child.

Bill Cohen reports for Ohio Public Radio with the Statehouse News Bureau.