Vinton County Roughs Up Alexander

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The Vinton County Vikings defeated The Alexander Spartans 62-49 at home tonight. 

It was a back-and-forth game throughout the first half as both teams struggled with different aspects of the game.

Alexander had troubles holding on to the ball while Vinton County missed key shots.  The Vikings turned the ball over seven times in the first half while Alexander racked up 10.  In the second quarter, the Spartans continued to rush on offense, causing them to miss crucial opportunities while the Vikings dominated the boards and completed numerous second looks, allowing them to lead Alexander 25-22 going into the second half.

The third quarter continued to be the demise of the Spartans, as they couldn’t keep control of the ball and accumulated unforced turnovers. 10 of their 23 turnovers came in the third quarter.  

Alexander was able to stop some of Vinton County’s key players on defense but Bryce Owings picked up the slack scoring 25 of their 49 points and grabbing seven rebounds. Jordan Albright added nine points and three rebounds and Matt Smallwood contributed 10 points three rebounds and three assists.

Alexander appeared to be coming back in the fourth quarter but it would not be enough as Vinton County came out victorious.

Braden Jones ended the night with 14 points 13 rebounds and a steal while Dusty Mullins contributed 11 points, seven of which were free throws. Mason Chapman finished with eight points.

Alexander takes on Southern Saturday and Wellston on February 8 while Vinton County hosts Southeastern Saturday and Nelsonville-York on February 5.