The Importance Of Estrogen

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On this edition of Conversations from Studio B, WOUB’s Director and General Manager Tom Hodson talks with Dr. Debra F. Skafar, associate professor of cellular and endocrine physiology at Wayne State University.

Dr. Skafar specializes in the study of estrogen, specifically how estrogen effects both the male and female body.

Hodson and Skafar discuss the commonly misunderstood role of estrogen within the male body, the linkage between estrogen and osteoporosis and the important role estrogen plays in a healthy pregnancy.

"As men age, their maximum testosterone level is reached in their early twenties, and then goes downhill. And then estrogen synthesis increases as a man ages," said Dr. Skafar.

Dr. Skafar was in Athens as part of the Ellery Gollos Lecture series, sponsored by the Honors Tutorial College at Ohio University.