Hazardous Material Exercise Works Out

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The Athens County Emergency Management Agency along with Athens County local emergency planning committee for hazardous materials held a hazardous materials spill preparedness exercise today (Tuesday).

The event was held at the Athens Waste Water Treatment Plant at 557 East State Street in Athens.

From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. large numbers of emergency vehicles including; fire trucks, police cruisers and an American Red Cross trailer were in the area. Emergency response agencies from around Athens County exercised their capabilities to respond to a hazardous materials spill, in this case, being a tank filled with chlorine falling over in front of the Waste Water Treatment Plant.

Public Information Officer, Dan Pfeiffer said the preparedness exercise went "really good." Pfeiffer also said that the exercise helped crews identify changes to improve in the future.

All Ohio Counties are required to annually exercise their emergency response plans.
Once every four years that exercise must involve the full scale activation and response of local emergency agencies.