NFL Reaches Settlement With Former Players In Concussion Lawsuit

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The NFL and 4,500 former players, including former Ohio linebacker Dr. Jason Carthen, involved in concussion-related lawsuits have reached a $765 million settlement.  Although the NFL has reached a settlement, the league will not consider this an admission of liability.

The $765 million will be used to help fund medical exams and concussion research for retired NFL players and their families. $675 million will be used to help former players and families of former players who have suffered cognitive injuries. $75 million of the settlement will be used to help fund medical exams.  The settlement also calls for $10 million to be used for concussion-related research.

All players that have retired before the preliminary agreement by the court will be included in the settlement. The families of deceased former players will also receive benefits from the settlement. However, current players will not be eligible to receive benefits.

The NFL, which has 20 years to pay the settlement, will pay about half of the $765 million within the first three years. The league will then pay the remaining half over the next 17 years.