Athens volunteer helps after storm in the midwest

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A Red Cross volunteer from Nelsonville left for Illinois on Friday to help those who were hit by the severe thunderstorms and tornados in the midwest the weekend before.

Fred Holmes who was assigned for Peoria, Illinois has already volunteered in other disasters like the 2005 hurricane Katrina and the 2008 huricane Ike.

He said this time he is supposed to work as a shelter supervisor. He said that he has to set up shelters for clients who have no place to go and to provide food.

Peggy Pruitt, the director of emergency services at Red Cross chapter of the Southeastern Ohio in Athens, said people in the midwest need help.

"The fact there was a tornado that went through a housing area is extremly critical. Peoria itself is a pretty good sized city. So there will be other places where people can be relocated. Hopefully in a fairly short amount of time."

Jane Patton, the director of the Southeastern Ohio chapter added that they might send more volunteers.

"We work as a team. We will send as many volunteers as they need and we will be supporting them financially as well."