OU Student Union Plans Protest During Thursday’s Trustees Meeting

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Members of the Ohio University Student Union are organizing a large student protest during the university’s board of trustees meeting on Thursday to speak out against a pay increase and bonus for OU President Roderick McDavis.

According to a news release from the group, the “Student Power Rally” will be held at 4 p.m. at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on Ohio University’s College Green.

“In November 2013, the Ohio University Board of Trustees decided to include President McDavis in a previously approved 1 percent raise pool for faculty and staff during a closed-door executive session.

After public criticism that the board violated Ohio’s Sunshine Laws, the Board agreed to invalidate the decision and vote publicly during the upcoming January board meeting,” the news release states.

The Messenger could not find a resolution or consent agenda item to approve the raise in the board materials for this week’s meetings.

The trustees will meet on the Athens campus Thursday and Friday in Walter Hall.

The Ohio University Student Union is also protesting the board’s decision to extend the raise pool to any administrators who earn more than $100,000 per year while tuition continues to increase.

In April, a long-running campaign to stop tuition increases at Ohio University escalated when a large group of students disrupted the OU Board of Trustees meeting in response to a new tuition increase. Four students were arrested at that protest for refusing to leave.

The news release states, “The Ohio University Student Union is vowing to continue their fight by expanding their demands and continuing to escalate their tactics.”