Athens Named In The Top Safest Cities in Ohio

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Typically when people think of safe towns, they do not imagine a college campus. However, Athens, Ohio, home to Ohio University, typically considered one of the biggest party schools in the nation, is being recognized as one of the safest cities in Ohio.

In a recent study, Safewise, a security system broker, ranked Athens as the 32nd safest city in Ohio. The rankings are based on the FBI's crime statistics and Safewise's research. Athens is considered the safest of Ohio’s college towns and was the only southeastern Ohio city to make the list.

Juliana Schiderer, an Ohio University student, whose hometown made the list at number 28 said she feels just as safe on campus as she does at home.  She says, “I know it is a big relief for my parents knowing that I am going to be in a similar town that has just as good of a safety record as my hometown when I am away from home here at college.” She also goes on to say “I have some friends that go to Ohio State [and] other campuses and they have trouble with feeling unsafe walking back at night, having to deal with crime and I have never had that experience and I have always felt really safe on this campus. “

For most, a feeling of safety come with how the town deals with crime. Another OU student, Caroline Bartles, says that the Athens Police Department, in her opinion, is contributing to the safety of the city. “I think they really do a good job of being around, being visible, so that people know that they are taking action and that they will arrest people need be.”

Last year in Athens, only 30 crimes against people were reported, including no murders.