Potholes: Another Side Effect Of The Snow And Ice

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The forming and melting of ice and snow on roadways is causing motorists to worry about yet another thing during their morning commutes – potholes.

The Circleville Today reports that according to city service director John Ankrom, the freezing and thawing of water that has seeped into the asphalt is causing streets conditions to deteriorate.

City crews were trying to get the gaps filled-in Friday in anticipation of the snowfall over the weekend but Ankrom says, repairs will be an ongoing process.

Similarly, Route 50 between Albany and McArthur near the Vinton County line is also littered with potholes following cold conditions, the Vinton Daily reports.

Initial plans to repave the highway this summer has been brought forward to April when warmer temperatures allow asphalt plants to reopen, according to David Rose, public information officer for Ohio Department of Transportation's District 10.

A reader writes on the Courier's Facebook page that motorists are driving on the wrong side of the roads to avoid potholes.

Rose states that damage to highways often comes naturally however this year's rough winter makes highway upkeep particularly challenging.