Hundreds Still Remain On Hocking County Low-income Housing List

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Hundreds are on the waiting list for low-income housing assistance in Hocking County despite there being no new affordable housing projects since 2006.

The Logan Daily reports that Hocking Metropolitan Housing Authority currently provides low-income housing assistance to 164 households in Hocking County but hundreds remain on the waiting list.

Nathan Blatchley, Executive Director of HMHA, explains that two independent market studies indicate that the number of households have increased but the number of available units has stayed the same.

Additionally, HMHA's federal funding cut has further hampered its ability to meet the needs of the community.

In response, HMHA has worked to meet the doble bottom-lie of being economically viable for the long-term while working to meet the growing need for housing.

Blatchey adds that HMHA will be working with partners over the next five to 10 years to address the need for additional rental units for all Hocking County families, regardless of income.