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Art Fills The Hallways Of Hocking Valley Industries

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The parking lot was full to overflowing on Thursday, March 27 at Hocking Valley Industries.

Inside, the halls were full as well with visitors to the Ninth Annual Can Do Creations Art Show.

The artwork was displayed in sections, highlighting each artist’s display.

The artists themselves were also there working on various pieces giving visitors an opportunity to talk with the individual artists.

The art show has been held in many venues over the years. This is the first time for the show at the HVI building.

HVI is the Adult Services Program of the Hocking County Board of Developmental Disabilities (HCBDD). The program is available for qualified adults 18 and older. Art class is one of the choices open to clients of HCBDD.

“Choice is important to our clients,” said Kathy Cook, activities coordinator for HVI. She organized the show and works closely with the clients.

“Through offering a variety of programs, we give them the opportunity to decide for themselves exactly what they want to do. No one chooses for them,” Cook added.

Can Do Creations is a popular choice. Those in the program often attend sessions two or three days a week.

“We opened Can Do Creations in 2006 with six artists, and now we have 28,” said Lesley Justice, who runs the program.

The works of 10 artists were selected for the show, including the featured artist Steph Riggs. She began drawing and painting when she was a child.

“I learned from my mom,” Riggs said. “She loved to paint clowns and flowers.”

Much of Riggs’ work shows her mother’s influence. Her pieces are full of color and texture. They are bright and appealing and are for sale in HVI’s store.

“I just like to create magic,” Riggs said when asked why she enjoyed art so much.

The works offered by the all the artists were a kaleidoscope of technique, style, and medium. They used paint, paper, paving stones, spray foam and recycled aluminum cans as well as more traditional tools in their creations.

Josh McKinney used his skill in wood burning to create wall hangings. He also incorporated caulking and hot glue to create a striking model of a tiger that he then painted.

“I enjoy using different materials for my artwork,” McKinney said.

Jenny Daubenmire also works with different materials including yarn and stained glass. Her stained glass sunflower sold as soon as the show opened.

“Photography is my favorite,” said Ciera Anderson. Her display included a powerful close-up photo of an owl, taken at Old Man’s Cave. She also had several photos from a shoot at Lake Hope including a swan and a group of ducks.

Ron Spung, Adult Services Director for HVI, spoke about the changes he sees in clients working with Can Do Creations.

“They are so proud of their accomplishments,” Spung said. “And that gives a major boost to their confidence level.”

The artists can turn their works into greeting cards. The process involves taking a photo and transferring it onto card stock using some special equipment.

The cards, along with other pieces such as garden stakes, coffee mugs, and tee shirts are sold at several places including the Can Do Creations store located at HVI, 15663 state Route 595 in Logan.