“Ecoustic Alchemy” Brings Classic Tales to Life

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Audio dramas used to be a mainstay in American households. Families would gather by the radio and listen as their favorite mysteries, drama and thrillers played out over the airwaves, told by dramatic readings.

War of the Worlds caused the country to panic thinking that we had been invaded by aliens from outer space. Detectives like Sam Spade, Sherlock Holmes and Philip Marlowe made their first baby steps off the printed page and onto the airwaves in these dramas.

Bringing back the tradition, WOUB Public Media and Ohio University’s School of Media Arts and Studies have teamed up to produce Ecoustic Alchemy.

Working with the Nelsonville community theater group the ABC Players and other local actors, these dramas allow students the opportunity to learn dramatic audio production and give listeners the opportunity to hear the written word brought to life.

Ecoustic Alchemy’s first project is The Ransom of Red Chief, the classic short story by O. Henry that captures the tale of two men who kidnap a wealthy man’s son. The Ransom of Red Chief tells the tale of men hoping to gain money for his return, but end up paying the father to take back the spoiled and hyperactive child.

Visit this link to listen to The Ransom of Red Chief.