OUPD Urges Students To Help Keep Bikes Safe

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Students hear many stories of bike thefts on campus at Ohio University. Thieves target bikes because they are typically one of the easiest things for them to steal becuase people either choose not to lock them up, or do not lock them properly.

Matt Axel, a junior at OU, had the front tire of his mountain bike stolen while it was parked at the Convocation Center. On campus, about 50 bike thefts occurred in each 2012 and 2013.

OUPD advises to lock your bike with a sturdy lock, and even when you do lock it up, make sure you do so properly. Thieves can find creative ways to steal the bike, even if it does have a lock. In addition to properly locking the bike, students are urged to register their bikes with OUPD.

Grace Swihart, sophomore at Ohio University, has a friend whose bike was stolen, and that is why she decided to register her bike.

"I knew there was a lot of theft here at OU, especially if you don't have a bike lock," Swihart said.

Bikes are typically stolen when people first arrive to campus in August and when they are leaving in May. OUPD holds a bike drive once or twice a year, generally at the beginning of the year, outside of Baker Center to register student bikes. This registration is free. They urge all students to register their bikes with them for their database to make returning bikes easier for everyone.

If you are interested in registering your bike or if you need to report a stolen bike, stop by OUPD at 135 Scott Quad or call 740-593-1911.