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Go Ohio Valley is a free app produced by Adams Publishing Group of Ohio and presents an avenue to explore numerous categories and activities in the region including dining, lodging, outdoor fun and more. This week's feature listing is the Ohio Glass Museum, visited by traveling north from Athens County on Route 33 to Lancaster.

Nestled in the heart of downtown Lancaster is a gem known as the Ohio Glass Museum. Constructed in 2004, the museum stands as a monument to the importance of glass in the history of the area.

During a recent visit, Doug Ingram, president of the board governing the Ohio Glass Museum, took me on a wonderful tour showcasing the various style and artforms created through the use of glasswork.

Immediately upon entering, one is greeted by dozens of handcrafted works of art and teased with the promise of more…including a live demonstration of glassmaking.

"The Ohio Glass Museum was started primarily because of the activity of glass here in this area," said Ingram. "It's been here for much more than a century and it continues on today."

Ingram treated me to a movie, about 14 minutes long, telling of the history of glass in and around Lancaster. He then walked me through the rest of the facility where my eyes were recipient to the wonders and beauty of hours of painstaking work.

The museum changes its displays twice a year and features a case full of samples from past presentations. Currently, the Ohio Glass Museum is featuring "From Our Archives to Your Eyes," glass artwork belonging to the museum and contained in its archival section.

The highlight of the tour is a live demonstration of the hot glass studio. I and a family of four watched as the glassblower expertly worked through the process of creating a decorative glass ornament. We also learned how the intricate designs of glasswork is formed and how hours of work can result in a lifetime of enjoyment.

The museum also offers glassblowing classes where one can learn the craft and create works that are only limited by one's imagination and the physics of glassmaking.

"Preserving the history of glass is basically what it's about," Ingram said. "The reaction of our patrons is primarily positive when they see what we have to offer and, of course, one of the big activities here is the hot glass studio."

The Ohio Glass Museum is located at 124 W. Main St. in Lancaster. Currently, it's hours of operations are Tuesday through Sunday from 1-4 p.m. and by appointment. Visit the museum online at www.ohioglassmuseu.org or call 740-687-0101.

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