Local Technology Business Makes A Move

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From Mac's to PC's, Matrix J Technologies has the answer.

MJT celebrated 13 years of business with an open house to introduce its new location and to thank loyal clients.

Owner Josh Kolbe was nervous about making the move from his previous Columbus Road location, but ultimately said that the business did not falter.

"We never take that for granted," he said of his customers. "They've built us up this much."

MJT deals with virus removal, networking, and phone support among other skills.

Kolbe said that he stays on top of new technology and learns it quickly to provide help to all his clients. And if he doesn't know the solution?

"We're constantly doing research about new problems and that's kind of the beauty of my work is every day I don't know what I'm going to deal with today," Kolbe said. "I can end up with a completely new problem I've never worked on before which keeps things new for me."

Numerous people at the open house used words like "conscientious", "trustworthy", and "personable" to describe Kolbe. Kristina Houser, a regular customer said that before she met Kolbe and worked with Matrix J, she was "scared of [technology]."

"I actually feel like I'm almost knowledgeable about a computer now as a result of working with him because he explains things," she said.

Jenisa Jeblee works in a large office. She said Kolbe's service is wonderful because he makes quick, onsite visits, instead of larger retailers that force companies to send them the technology.

Matrix J offers technical support to businesses, schools, and individuals. Kolbe mostly goes to his clients residence to troubleshoot problems for their convenience. Customers can also drop off their technology if they would like. Jeblee also appreciates how Kolbe makes explanations simple.

"He's not like, 'The C3 drive corrupted and caused virus X' which we all know what that means."

Ben Conrad, a recent graduate of Federal Hocking High School, said he learned a lot from Kolbe during his time interning for the business.

"He's probably, definitely, actually, [the most] technologically capable person I know."

Conrad raved about how "competent Josh actually is with pretty much anything you can throw at him."

"We're always trying to stay on top of the latest things ourselves – we learn it and then that way we can provide training to other people and help them learn it," Kolbe said.

Kolbe said that Windows 8 has been giving many of his clients problems. He joked that it doesn't matter whether or not he likes it.

"We have to be ready. It's the bottom line," he stated.

Kolbe said he ultimately wants to, "be able to support the community and provide a service for the community."

Matrix J Technology is located on 13596 Eddy Road in Athens.