Celebrate July 4 With Lake Logan Boat Parade

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Traditions run deep with many people, especially when it comes to holidays. This Fourth of July, residents are invited to attend the 12th Annual Lake Logan Boat Parade to start what, for some, might be a new family tradition.

Festively decorated with red, white and blue decorations, boats will gather at the Lake Logan Dam on Friday, July 4, just before 4 p.m. and then set sail to make a trip or two around the lake, according to Tammy Besece, founder of the parade. She spoke to some of her neighbors at the lake and such began their tradition of the boat parade.

Besece came up with the idea to host the parade years ago from seeing other boat parades in other parts of the country.

“Those who participate on the boats have a good time,” she said.

Many of the boats will toss floatable toys like balls and frisbees to those in the swimming area when the parade comes through.

“We have a pontoon boat so we can go really slow and get up close to them,” added Besece.

Participants toss toys at other stops, such as the fishing area at the marina and even a few houses on the backside of the lake. Some people will bring their fishing boats and decorate them. Those who participate purchase the toys to throw to the children. Anybody who has a boat is invited to participate.

“The more people who participate the more fun it is,” said Besece, who added there is no fee to participate. “We want to help get people in the spirit for the holiday."

People have come and gone over the years; in the past the parade has had up to 17 boats participating.

If there is a light rain the parade will continue as scheduled. If it storms with lightning and heavy rain the parade will be moved to the next day on July 5.

All of the boats go around the entire lake once and some go twice. They finish in time to attend a picnic and to see the fireworks display.

This year’s fireworks display for Logan is scheduled to begin at 10 p.m. Friday, July 4 at the Hocking County Fairgrounds. In the event of rain, the display would move to the next night at 10 p.m. Inclement weather the second night would once again move the display to the following night at 10 p.m.