’30 Mile Meal’ Month Promotes Local Food

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Sustainability is on the menu this month.

"30 Mile Meal" is promoting the cream of the crop within a 30-mile radius of the city of Athens.

The first portion of the month is dedicated to farmer appreciation.

Nick and Celeste Nolan represent the fourth generation to live on Laurel Valley's 110-acre farm.

"We take what we grow here, our herd of cattle, the grass, the rain, the sunshine, we take one thing," Nick said. "I think when people eat our cheese, they see that cheese represents more than just a commodity. It represents the passion, all the hard work, and all the dedication that we put into it. It's successful because of that, I think."

The Athens Farmers Market recently increased its hours to promote local food sales.

The second week of 30 Mile Meal month celebrates local craft breweries during Brew Week.

The third week's focus is restaurants serving local foods.

"You can't make something really good out of poor ingredients, but everyone is trying to," Nolan said. "If you want to be successful in the restaurant business, you have to fill seats, have an original menu, and you have to have the best ingredients. I think people are starting to key into that. They are adding that into the cost of business and that's what's making us successful too – Parterning up with the right people."