Former Detroit Police Officer Indicted In Glouster Drug Ring Development

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A former Detroit police officer was arrested on charges that he was allegedly supplying a Glouster drug ring, according to officials.

Brandon Jorge Allen, of Detroit, was arrested at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport on charges of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity "based on his leadership in the drug ring that has been supplying Athens County," according to a news release by the Athens County Prosecutor's Office.

Prosecutor Keller Blackburn stated in the release that he had traveled to South Carolina before the arrest to "collect intelligence" on the case and the investigation led to Atlanta, where Allen attempted to flee law enforcement.

An 12-count indictment was filed Friday in the case charging Allen with ten counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs and one count of aggravated possession of drugs along with the charge of engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity

In the indictment, Allen, who went by many aliases, is named as the "supplier of drugs, namely oxycodone…to a criminal enterprise centralized in Glouster."

Members of the alleged enterprise traveled to Michigan as well as parts of Ohio to purchase pills, which were then brought back to Athens, according to the indictment.

Locally, Derek Gyure has been named by prosecutors as the alleged leader of the Glouster drug ring, and has been charged with racketeering along with drug trafficking charges. He and another co-defendant, Kendra Sharrer, are the only ones who have not take plea deals in the case.

John Casey Metcalf, Bert C. Sharrer and Bert Sharrer, Jr., have all agreed to testify in the case in exchange for agreed sentences from the court. Sharrer, Jr., has not yet been sentenced but has agreed to the deal.