Explore Monroe County’s Covered Bridge Scenic Byway

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While Southeast Ohio offers plenty of beautiful sights for both visitors and locals to visit, some of the most stunning places to visit are the covered bridges that dot the state.

Perhaps the most scenic of these is the National Forest Covered Bridge Scenic Byway, a driving trail that follows 35 miles of stunning Ohio scenery while paralleling the Little Muskingum River in Monroe County.

Offering 10 stops for visitors to pause and appreciate the byway, the trail spans the distance between Marietta and Woodsfield.

Because the trail is self-guided, drivers can stop at any or all stops along the way, giving them a trip that can last anywhere from a half hour to four or five hours.

There are many camping sites along the way, offering families and friends the chance to spend the night alongside the gorgeous trail.

Although the byway itself is more than worth the drive, visitors should consider stopping in Woodsfield afterwards to rest in a quaint village full of beautiful architecture.

For anybody looking to explore the more rural side of Southeast Ohio, the National Forest Covered Bridge Scenic Byway offers a gorgeous trip that ends in an enjoyably tiny village.

For more information on the byway, call the rangers at the trail at (740) 373-9055 or check out a map of the route to get an idea of what you’ll see along the way.

This article originally appeared at www.southeastohiomagazine.com.