Ohio University’s Ping Recreation Center To Hire High School Students

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Starting this semester, Ohio University's Ping Recreation Center is employing high school students.

Local high schoolers will not be given permanent working hours, but instead, will mainly pick up shifts to help cover college employees.

"If college students want to go home for a weekend, study for finals, or just take time off, high school students will take that shift and they won't have to hinder another college student," said Tasha Westfall, the Senior Assistant Director of Recreation.

These local kids will be able to work shifts during holiday breaks and summers when college kids wish to go home and take a break.

"We're trying to make their schedules more flexible and give them time off" said Westfall.

Most college students work around 20 hours a week, and with the recent opening of the Field House, there are many positions to fill at both recreation locations. Some Ping employees are being crosstrained at the Field House, but Westfall said this is where most high schoolers will be employed.

Westfall said there are currently 6 high schoolers being trained for their positions, but the staff hopes employ around 12 or 15 in total.