W.Va. Tank Tally Growing Under New Law

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State environmental officials have tallied more than 45,000 aboveground storage tanks as a deadline passes to register them under a new West Virginia law.

Officials expect to register thousands more, some after Wednesday's deadline.

Wednesday in Charleston, tank owners questioned the state Department of Environmental Protection about upcoming steps.

DEP's stakeholder meeting on Wednesday is covering proposed rules for a new law regulating aboveground tanks.

The law, passed in March by state legislation, reacts to a January chemical spill that contaminated 300,000 people's tap water for days. It includes new tank registrations, inspections and requirements. Many specifics are spelled out in proposed agency rules.

The new law is expected to affect an upwards of 80,000 storage tanks according to the DEP.

One would ease initial inspections for tanks that don't hold hazardous materials, contain less than 50,000 gallons or aren't near water supplies. First inspections are due Jan. 1.

An informational session about the law will take place Thursday from 6-7 p.m. the Holiday Inn located at 301 Foxcroft Avenue in Martinsburg.