Preview: Maysville, Sheridan To Battle For First Place In MVL

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Sheridan’s dominant defense versus Maysville’s high-octane offense: something has got to give.

The Panthers are averaging north of 46 points per game while the Generals have given up only 13 points through five games, shutting out four teams in the process.

“Their offense is something you can’t replicate in practice,” Sheridan head coach Paul Culver said. “Their very experienced quarterback is also an excellent runner and they will force us to defend the entire field.”

Though Maysville’s offense cannot be duplicated, Sheridan’s offense has also found success this year with a dominant rushing attack. Luke Fox and Levi Wray had combined for 17 touchdowns this season.

“We are very confident with what we have as far as our offense,” Culver said. “We’ve always had a sound running game, and that’s the backbone of our success year in and year out, but we do have the ability to pass the ball.”

The Generals and the Panthers have had only one common opponent so far: West Muskingum. Sheridan piled on 65 points against the Tornadoes, but allowed 13 points. Maysville put up only 27 points, but held the Tornadoes to seven.

Having scored at least 42 points in four of the team’s five games, Culver pointed to the big guys up front as a key to Sheridan’s success.

“We are very pleased with our offensive-line,” Culver said. “The thing that most people don’t understand about an offensive-line is that it is one unit. Those guys have to work together. It takes a lot of time and repetition to develop that oneness and the camaraderie it takes to really have a sound offensive-line.”

The winner of this game will be the only team, other than Tri-Valley, to hold an undefeated record in the MVL. The Tri-Valley showdown will come in either week eight – against Sheridan – or week nine – against – Maysville, barring any other setbacks for either teams.