How About Them Apples? The Best Ways To Get Your Fix This Season

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As the fall harvest wraps up, it’s a great time of the year to try some different apple recipes. 

We love this idea from thegunnysack.com of making a bloomin' baked apple that includes a honeycrisp apple, some butter, brown sugar and caramels. With a little fancy slicing and some time in your oven, you can have a dessert that screams fall. 

Do you like apple butter? We’ve all seen the method of stirring apple butter in a huge pot for hours and hours. Have you ever considered making it in a slow cooker? Here’s a pretty simple recipe for slow cooker apple butter that is getting rave reviews. Make sure to take a look at the comments and suggestions that might help you customize it to your tastes.  


Need to make a fun snack for a school party? How about some apple monster mouths? All you need is apple slices, some peanut butter and marshmallows to look like teeth and you’ll get a healthy treat the kids will love. You can always add sliced almonds or sunflower seeds if you prefer more realistic teeth.




Here’s a classic apple dumpling recipe from Betty Crocker that been around at least 110 years. A flaky crust, cooked apple with the perfect seasoning straight out of the oven is every apple lover’s dream! 

A chilly morning would be a little more tolerable with this Vermont Apple Cider donut recipe from Yankee Magazine. The recipe calls for boiled apple cider, which is supposed to add a rich, slightly tangy flavor to the donuts. You may have to do a little searching for boiled apple cider at gourmet and Whole Food stores, or you can make your own by simmering fresh apple cider for about 25 minutes. 

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, you could try this interesting recipe for Black Bean and Granny Smith Apple Salad from allrecipes.com. Reviewers seem to love the combination of cilantro, cayenne pepper and ground cumin along with other ingredients to make a unique flavor.