Ohio University Students Protest Ferguson

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Protesters stormed the streets of St. Louis Saturday to speak out on the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

The march was to continue raising awareness on the racial profiling in today's police departments.

Ohio University Senior Kelli Oliver participated in the march but said the most influential part of the trip came later that night.

"We were in this energetic, big day and then we get in the car and it's this silent drive to Ferguson," Oliver said. "And I think we all felt it. We were like, 'this isn't going to be the same.' It was like, really real all of a sudden."

Oliver may not have expected the sudden change in atmosphere, but the setting at Brown's memorial was just as she though it would be: there were no police in the vicinity and the crowd was silent. The atmosphere at the police department, though, was a whole different story.

"It was like, full riot gear police," Oliver said. "Which was disturbing."

Now that the student protesters are back on campus, Oliver says students are making an effort to join the fight. Ohio University Student Senate passed a resolution Wednesday night to officially support the group "Hands Up, Walk Out." The group will be holding a rally on College Green next Wednesday to increase student involvement in the fight for justice.

"I think it is important to acknowledge that this movement is predominantly a youth movement," Oliver said. "We're the ones who are most agitated effected by this, I think."

For more information on the rally, check out the group's Facebook page at #HandsUpWalkOut.