Students Gather to Discuss Racial Justice

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Hundreds of students of all backgrounds marched together this afternoon calling for a discussion on racial justice.

“This is something that’s a huge issue that we don’t talk about at Ohio University, because it is a predominantly white campus. Nobody wants to talk about race because it’s uncomfortable,” said Shambrion Treadwell, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People Ohio University Chapter President.

Students walked out of classes as a part of the Hands Up Walk Out march.

They met at the Civil War Monument on College Green just after noon before marching all over campus.

Organizers and students were surprised by the amount of Bobcats that came out for the event.

“I walked up, and I was excited. It just made me excited that people are supporting not just African Americans because we’re only less than two percent here at OU. We need the support. We nee everyone to get the word out that black lives matter, not only black people,” said Treadwell.

Men and women of all races and ethnicities joined together for the march.

Jessica Ensley, an Ohio University senior, said, “I, as a white woman, realized that I don’t experience anything along the lines of what they do. I just wanted to stand in solidarity with the students of this campus.”

Ryant Taylor, the organizer of the march, was very pleased with the turnout of the crowd.

“It solidifies the face that people do care, and these issues do matter. It matters that there are people to help organize and mobilize people so they can start communicating in a powerful way,” said Taylor.

This march, according to student organizers, was one of the 77 actions in 64 locations that happened today.

However, students believe that there is still some work to be done here on campus.

“I know there have been panels in the past, but I think that we should really think more about education and awareness of different cultures and how the police to should interact with those here in Athens.”

Students are looking to continue this discussion of racial justice and police brutality throughout the rest of the year.