OU Students ‘Stand With Mizzou’

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After threats were made to students at University of Missouri, Ohio University students stood in support during a rally on Wednesday night.

The OU NAACP chapter put on the event, where students discussed the issues happening at Mizzou, but brought it back close to home by bringing up racial issues here on campus. A debate on resolutions to the problems they wish to fulfill also came up during the event.

The organizer of the event and the freshman representative for OU NAACP, Jasmyn Pearl, said she was disturbed by the events going on at Mizzou she had seen on Twitter, so she decided something needed to be done here at OU.

“We did this event to show students at Mizzou and any other campuses where there may be racial issues, that we see your struggle, we understand where you’re coming from and we want to encourage you and be there to support you,” Pearl said.

Pearl also believes the protests at Mizzou helped encourage the students on OU’s campus to make a stance.

“The protests showed that we have a lot of power as students and I don’t think we always tap into that,” Pearl added.

The NAACP sent a letter to the University of Missouri after the event today offering students at Mizzou encouragement:

“To Whom It May Concern,

On November 11, 2015 the students of Ohio University gathered to stand in solidarity with the students at the University of Missouri (UM) and students of color across the nation. Our goal was to show our support for the grievances faced by black students across the country. In an attempt to bring together the community and combat the oppression plaguing campuses day in and day out, we united in order to show the students at UM that we too realize their struggle and are joining the fight.

We realize that the current tension do not stem from an isolated incident, but are the result of continued negligence toward racial issues; which in turn, creates a discomforting environment for students of color. This scene is common among schools nationwide including ours at Ohio University.

We, Ohio University students, recognize your struggle and stand with you.

With love and encouragement,

Ohio University Students in Solidarity”