OU Students Want Student Senate To Take A Stand On Issue 2

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Students came out in large numbers last night to let Ohio University's Student Senate know why they are against Senate Bill 5 and why student senate should also come out against the bill.

The bill that limits collective bargaining rights for public employees would impact faculty at OU.

By voting no on State Issue 2, which will appear on the November ballot, Ohioans could repeal the bill.

More than a dozen students rose from their seats over the course of an almost an hour to give speeches illustrating predictions about what the passage of the bill would do to employees at OU and how it would impact the entire community.

Others sat throughout the room holding large signs.

Many emphasized the fact that the students in the room value higher education at some level and the rights of the people who make that possible should be protected.

Special attention was given in several speeches to those who clean residence halls, prepare food, and keep campus safe.  

Student Senate recently blocked a resolution by several student senators to support protecting the collective bargaining rights of Ohio University faculty.

Student Senate has not taken a position one way or the other on the issue.