OU Student Senate Decides Not To Vote On SB 5 Issue

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Ohio University's Student Senate is normally criticized for decisions they make, but right now, they're under fire for a decision they didn't make.

Senate failed to vote last night on a resolution condemning the wording of Senate Bill Five.

The bill that limits collective bargaining rights for public employees would impact faculty at OU.

By voting no on State Issue 2, which will appear on the November ballot, Ohioans could repeal the bill.

Senate President Kyle Triplett says the fact that they didn't vote one way or the other doesn't mean they are in favor of or in opposition to the bill.

"Senate understands this is really an important issue and our intention is not to marginalize anyone who supports or opposes this bill.  We support faculty members, teachers, and staff and by senate not adding it to our agendas by no means should that be construed were opposed or in favor of the bill. It's just last nights' senate felt that it wasn't appropriate to vote on a resolution as it stood," says Triplett.

Students against SB 5 have been attending meetings, urging the senate to take a stance on the issue.