Student Senate Seeks Student Help

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Ohio University Student Senate President Kyle Triplett is urging students to get involved with the Promise Lives campaign.

The Advancement Department has had many campaigns in the past, but the Promise Lives campaign is the largest to date; they hope to raise $450 million by 2015.

The University Advancement Department raises funds separate from other University fundraising efforts.

Triplett says the department is on track to reach its goal with nearly $375 million raised so far.

The Promise Lives campaign raises money to meet the University’s needs, which include funding scholarships and building maintenance.

Triplett wants students to be a part of raising money.

“If you look at the breakdown of who’s participating in the Promise Lives campaign thus far you see a lot of alumni, a lot of different organizations, businesses and companies and different foundations who have contributed, but there isn’t really a place for students,” Triplett says.

Triplett is aware that students do not always have much to give, but he states, the University could use the help since state funding for education has declined.

According to Triplett, if students gave whatever they could afford, it would really make a difference.

“We’re looking to raise maybe a couple thousand dollars here or there,” Triplett says. “There are 20 thousand plus students here at the University. If you can get them to donate five to ten dollars, that really adds up.”

Right now, Triplett is looking to unite students in support of a specific project.

“One trick that we’re trying to figure out is what we want to have students help fundraise for. If we can identify something that students can really rally around and support, I think it’d be pretty easy to get students to contribute towards that,” says Triplett.

Triplett states that the University Advancement Department is supportive of his efforts to increase student involvement in the Promise Lives campaign.

Triplett believes when people give to an institution as students, they are more likely to give to an institution as alumni.