Halloween Block Part Schedule

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The Athens' Halloween Block Party Schedule has finally been released.

The schedule is as follows:

6 pm – Honey for the Heart Parade

6:30 pm – Dweeb (South Stage)

7:00 pm – Backwords (North Stage)

7:45 pm – Sassafraz (South Stage)

8:15 pm – Mrs. Helen Highwater (North Stage)

9:00 pm – Holy Spicoli (South Stage)

9:30 pm – Manitoa (North Stage)

10:30 pm – Bright at Night (South Stage)

10:45 pm – DJ B-Funk (North Stage)

12:00 am – Skashank Redemption (South Stage)

12:15 am – Jone for Revival (North Stage)

The Lokoweek Stage, hosted by DJ-Funk will host 8 DJs from 6-11 pm including:

Simian, Jeanyus, Air Marshall, Bohno, Easty, Overwaves, 2 High Crew and Bass Marvels. 

At 9 pm there will be a cotume contest on Lokoweek Stage. 

Lokoweek Stage is located between Lucky's Sports Tavern and Attractions on Court St.