Trimble Advances To Regional Final After A Nail-Biter Against Caldwell

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Trimble’s fate was in good hands as Austin Downs caught Andrew Losey’s pass in the end zone with 12 seconds left in the Division VII state semifinal game against Caldwell. It was a test of faith and trust between the two teammates.

“Before the play I looked him (Losey) in the eyes and said high and out, and it’s over,” said Downs after the game. The Trimble quarterback responded with just three words, “we got this.”

Just like that, it was over. Downs caught the 4-yard pass and about 10 seconds later, the game was over with a 14-10 Trimble victory over the Caldwell Redskins.

But the Redskins did not let Trimble win this game as easily as their previous contests. For the first time since the 2013 state finals, the Tomcats headed to the locker rooms down with a zero on the board.

The first half marked a slow half for the Tomcats and the Redskins. Neither offense could get anything going on the ground. Trimble’s top runners Terry Simerly and #GGPOY finalist Justice Jenkins could not get anything moving.

On the other end of the ball, Redskin QB Tanner Clark and RB Bricker Lori were not having much luck either. It wasn’t until Clark found Jason Allen for 55 yards, where the Redskins made the first big move. That set up the Redskin’s 12-yard field goal with one minute left in the first half.

But Trimble head coach Phil Faires did not give up on his team.

“We’d get two or three first downs and then bog down. Our offensive line has been our strong point all year and so I took them into the locker room and said if you guys don’t do it, we’re done,” said Faires.

With the new energy, the Trimble defense stopped the Redskins from scoring early in the third quarter. They caused a turnover on downs at the 1-yard line, and took that drive all the way to the end zone where Losey drove the ball in from two yards out to put the Tomcats up 7-3.

Do not forget about Jenkins. He had 167 yards on the night, averaged about 7 yards per carry, and secured numerous first downs that saved the Tomcats offensive drives in the second half.

“I told myself just to keep pounding the ball. I trusted my line and it was my job to move them forward,” said Jenkins. He had numerous carries during the Tomcat’s 99-yard drive to the house in the third quarter.

But the Redskins also picked up the slack in the second half. With a lateral from Tanner Clark, Bricker Lori punched in a Caldwell touchdown from 9 yards out to reclaim the lead in the fourth quarter.

But with one last push from Jenkins, one last throw from Losey, and one last catch from Downs, the Redskins lost their lead and lost their chance at the state title.

“These boys played with confidence, and that’ll be what takes them far,” said Faires.

Trimble will continue their push at the state title against the No. 1 seed Shadyside Tigers next week for a trip to the state final four.