Beverly Jones Outlines Specific Steps for Improving Your Career

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Beverly Jones, a career coach and leadership consultant, is a regular blogger for woub.org. Recently, she came to the WOUB studios and talked with General Manager Tom Hodson about how you can empower your career and also how to handle the emotional letdown after the completion of a big project.

She gives guidance on positive games one can use to get us through tough times during our careers.  She outlines specific steps to take to manage on-the-job difficulties and slumps.

Additionally, Jones gives specific remedies for the letdowns we get after the completion of big work projects. She provides us with in-depth steps we can take to avoid the depression and malaise that often follow the successful tackling of major job tasks.

Listen to the interview and get some concrete advice you can use in your life and your career.

You can read an archive of Jones’ blogs at http://clearwayconsulting.com