Logan Elm Preps For Renewal Levy Vote

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Logan Elm School District officials are preparing to ask the voters of Pickaway County to renew two soon-to-be-expiring levies. 

Superintendent Tim Williams told the board that the first resolution will request certification for the renewal levy tax, and then they will need to pass another resolution in January, after it has been certified, which will allow them to go to the ballot and ask for the money. The vote on the renewal will take place on May 5, 2015. 

Trey Fausnaugh, treasurer at Logan Elm, said the two tax renewal levies will generate 17 percent of the district’s budget going forward, with about $3.2 million, in total, between the two levies. “Without these two levies, the district would operate at a deficit as soon as 2015-2016 school year,” he said. “By the 2017-2018 school year, the cash balance would be depleted. I stress these are renewals and they are crucial for the district to offer the same level of programs, extracurricular activities and student-to-teacher ratios.”

Separately, the two levies will raise $2.3 million and $812,000 respectively, and will last for five years each, the same as they are currently.

Williams, Fausnaugh and board members wanted to stress to the public that the levies are not new taxes but renewals of levies that have already been approved by voters in the past.
“Students, parents out there — we need help in stressing that this is not a new tax or additional money,” Debbie Shaw, board president, said. “It’s a renewal to allow us to keep status quo and without this, we cannot keep going [like we are.]”

Board member Michael Linton said he wanted to make it clear the renewal levies have nothing to do with building new schools. “Just in case someone is confused, this has nothing to do with the buildings,” Linton said. “We’re not touching the buildings, we’re not asking for anything to do with the buildings.”