Wine And Cheese, Cheese And Wine

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Here at WOUB we air an eclectic array of cooking shows. At times the catch-phrases are the best part of the show…if the meal doesn’t stick with the viewer then the comments will! Two such comments that I took pen to paper caught my attention for the humor and the simplicity. For the humor from PBS’, nancancook.com, “A dinner without cheese is like a beautiful girl with one eye.” For the simplicity, also PBS’, Cooking With Joann Weir, “Do not cook with a wine that you would not drink.”
Red or white, dry and/or full, and, light and/or fruity…when it comes to wine and cheese I drink and eat what appeals to me and I am not truly concerned about being politically correct in pairing. However, I am an enthusiast about bringing out the best flavor in what I cook, bake and consume; therefore, I appreciate rule-of-thumb advice.
Throughout this holiday season presenting wine and cheese may be an automatic choice to serve to your guests and treating yourself. How do you make pleasing selections? Consider this guide for the…bubbly in body, spiciness, smoothness, earthy aroma, bold in favor, savory sharpness, spirited, pungent, citrusy, mellow or tangy complement for the palette to experience.
Take time during the holidays to enjoy some tasty luxury! Luxury does not have to be expensive; it simply takes experimenting with what is pleasing to you. 
Wine and cheese pairings, listed below, in both the red and white categories are listed from top to bottom from dry / full to light / fruity.
RED wines
Cabernet Sauvignon + Cheddar – the tangy flavor of the cheese is strong enough to stand up to and complement the robust vino.
Merlot + Gouda – The creaminess of gouda helps emphasize the smoothness of a glass of merlot.
Chianti + Aged Parmesan – the salt in the cheese heightens the perception of sweetness of the wine which helps mellow out Chianti’s high acidity.
Zinfandel + Monterey Jack – The creamy texture of the cheese cuts through the spiciness of the wine.
Pinot noir + Goat – The tangy cranberry, cherry and vanilla flavors in the wine help brighten and enhance the pungent earthiness of the soft cheese.
Rose` + Swiss – the fruity flavor lends itself well to the delicate sharpness of the swiss cheese without being overpowered by the sweetness of rose`.
WHITE wines
Chardonnay + Brie – the velvety texture and earthy aroma of the creamy cheese highlights the warm fruit flavors in the Chardonnay.
Sauvignon Blanc + Fresh Mozzarella – the acidity lends well to the mellow, creamy qualities of fresh mozzarella which is milky and mild in flavor.
Pinot Grigio + Ricotta – Ricotta’s versatility matches that of the mellow, drinkable wine. Pinto grigio is a slightly dry vino with layers of grapefruit, peach and floral notes that pair well with the slightly sweet and grainy curd of ricotta.
Moscato + Pepper Jack – the combination of zesty peppers and tangy Jack in this cheese helps balance out the sweet fruitiness of the wine.
Riesling + Blue Cheese – the intense, bold-flavored cheese has a savory sharpness that is mellowed out by the sweet Riesling.
Champagne/sparkling + Muenster – this creamy cheese’s buttery mouthfeel and mild flavor is brightened by the fizzy dryness of the champagne.
Photo: Thanks to Marianne Poffenberger/Mason, Ohio for contributing to the wine and food display.