Nelsonville Selects Trash Hauler

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On Monday Nelsonville City Council voted to contract with Southern Ohio Disposal for commercial and residential trash and recycling collection for two years.

Southern Ohio Disposal was one of three companies that bid for the franchise agreement. The other two were Rumpke — who currently does collection for the city — and Athens-Hocking Recycling and Refuse. Southern Ohio was the lowest bidder, however Nelsonville City Manager Mark Hall recommended Rumpke for the contract.

When it came time to vote on the bids, Council members Eddie VanBibber, Kevin Dotson and Greg Smith voted in favor of Rumpke. However, the remaining Council members voted against the company. All members voted in favor of Southern Ohio Disposal after the ordinance to accept Rumpke as the city’s franchise hauler was defeated.

Rumpke’s current contract with the city will expire on March 31. Southern Ohio Disposal will become the new hauler immediately after.

According to documents provided by Hall, Southern Ohio Disposal was the lowest bidder. Southern Ohio Disposal will charge a residential customer who uses one 32-gallon container per week plus curbside recycling pickup $12 per month ($9 for trash and $3 for recycling) for the remainder of 2015. That price would increase slightly to $12.72 per month in 2016 under the contract. The contract is for two years.

Those same services would have cost $18 per month through Athens-Hocking Recycling and Refuse and $19 through Rumpke in 2015, according to the bids.

Under its current contract, Rumpke charges $12.35 per month for garbage collection and $17.60 per month for customers who have both garbage and curbside recycling pickup. However, there is no maximum amount of trash that can be disposed of for that rate, according to the current contract.

For commercial customers, Southern Ohio Disposal will charge $20 per yard for front or rear-load containers; $32 per yard for frontload or rear-load for compacted waste; $14.75 per yard for a permanent roll-off container; $13.80 for a temporary roll-off container and $13.91 per month for a permanent container for monthly recycling.

“The bid from (Southern Ohio) Disposal gave a better menu of options for people to pick and choose their options…,” said Councilman Terry Koons.