Ohio Field Hockey Falls to 1-2 to William and Mary

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The Lady Bobcats made their way to West Virginia to face off against the William and Mary Tribes at Busch Field but left with a hard loss 5-3 Friday evening.

William and Mary (WM) Cammie Lloyd’s two quick goals began the game, scoring nearly back-to-back against the ‘Cats, making goals at the 12 minutes and 16 minute marks. WM led Ohio 2-0.

Ohio’s Adele Sammons (assist) and Kristen Buchanan teamed up to score against William and Mary a short seven minutes later; much to their disappointment, WM rapidly rectified the scoreboard, and – with shots from Cammie Lloyd and Pippin Saunders – added two more goals to their score. Bobcats 4-1.

Period one ended with the Tribe leading by a substantial amount. However, the women of William and Mary were thirsty for more. Much like the first period, just eight minutes into the second half, WM’s Erin Menges scored the last goal for William and Mary, now leading the ‘Cats by four.

27 minutes remained in the game, and much of the time belonged to the Bobcats. Seemingly hogging the ball, the ‘Cats made six attempted shots before Emma Eggleston was able to score on the Tribe’s in the final two minutes of the game. The score read 5-2, for less than a minute when Ohio’s Elena Curley scored for the ‘Cats. The game ended right after that shot, unfortunately leaving the persistent Bobcats with a 5-3 loss.

Ohio will travel to Richmond, Virginia on Sunday to compete against VCU. The game is scheduled to begin at 12 p.m.