Lack Of Candidates Throughout Nov. Election

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State issues might be the main focus of this year’s election, but many around the region are facing a different issue on their ballots – less candidates from which to choose.

Vinton County’s village of Zaleski will be searching for leadership come Nov. 3, as the Vinton County Board of Elections confirmed to WOUB that Mayor Doug Heitman is leaving his position with no one filed to replace him.

The village city council will also be missing as no one has filed for election to those seats either and the Zaleski Board of Trustees of Public Affairs could also fall short as only one person has filed, when two positions are open.

Even in Athens County, places like the Village of Chauncey have no council candidates filed for the ballot, according to the Board of Elections.

The mayor’s race in the village of Jacksonville will be between a former mayor and the current mayor, but the current mayor is listed as a write-in candidate. Mayor Tony McNickle said he did not intend to run but when another candidate didn’t materialize, he decided to become a write-in candidate, according to previous WOUB reporting.

The village of Trimble is looking to reduce their village council from six to five if voters approve it, and two spots open on the council remain blank on ballots.

Trimble’s Board of Education could also be looking for another member as only one person filed when two spots lie open.

Council members are missing from the ballot in the Village of Coolville as well.

As for other county ballots, the City of Jackson has no one to choose for city law director. Candidates for village council are also absent in Coalton, Wilkesville, Laurelville and Murray City. Vinton Twp. will also be looking for a trustee with no one filed in November’s election.

The Oak Hill Board of Education has one spot on the ballot filled, but needs another, and the Logan Elm Board of Education is covered with write-in candidates for this election.