Rural Entrepreneur Promotes his Products to a Global Market

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Scott Bagley is a rural entrepreneur and innovator but he sells his products internationally.

Bagley is founder of Exeterra, an Innovation Center company. He sells the Exeter Biochar Retort – a large round kiln that uses a high-heat process to produce charcoal materials from wood and animal bones in an energy-efficient, clean-burning way.

He sells his products all across North American and into the Caribbean region. Additionally, he sells natural charcoal products in the Athens area. He has partnered with a company in Great Britain for wider distribution and manufacturing of the special kilns.

Bagley explained to WOUB’s Tom Hodson how biochar is created and some of its practical uses.

As wood or bone is charred by his method, instead of the carbon burning off and releasing into the atmosphere, it becomes “fixed” in the charred material which can then be finely ground and added to compost as a product called “biochar.” It is then used as a soil amendment and enhancement, according to Bagley.

He says that the charcoal output also can be used as a natural BBQ charcoal for grilling and smoking foods.

“It is a highly sought commodity for competitive barbeque enthusiasts and chefs,” Bagley adds.

Although his business is growing and becoming international in sales, Bagley says he will keep the home of the business in Athens.

He lauds the benefits of the Innovation Center and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in this region.