Trimble Tomcats: Dec. 6-12

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This week, the Trimble Tomcats are right on track to having another undefeated regular season as they add their first three wins to the books. Two of the victories came in the Tri-Valley Conference Hocking Division. The Tomcats have won 26 regular season games in a row and 19 TVC-Hocking games in a row.

Trimble’s first game resulted in a 61-43 victory over the Wahama White Falcons. The Tomcats pounced early with an 18-8 lead through the first quarter. Wahama had superior size, but the ‘Cats were quicker. Trimble doubled down on post plays and forced difficult glass shots.

It was a great start to the season for the team, but it was an even better start for sophomore Randy Hixon. Hixon sank seven three pointers, and led the team with a game-high 27 points.

It wasn’t such a great immediate start for usual starters Bryce Guthrie and Justice Jenkins. Both players sat out the entire first half.

“They were doing things that weren’t conducive to the club,” Trimble Head Coach Howie Caldwell said. “One was more injury related while one was more sickness related.”

However, after being put in Jenkins was an immediate fast break machine and managed to put up seven points in the second half. Guthrie posted nine points despite his limited playing time as well.

For the game, Trimble had 11 assists, 19 turnovers, 13 steals, and 12 fouls. Junior Tyler Slack led the teams 28 rebounds with six.

The Tomcats shot 14 of 19 (73.7 percent) from the free throw line and 20 of 40 (50 percent) from field.

Trimble then traveled to Belpre December 11 and brought home a narrow 69-59 victory.

The win didn’t start early like their first game, it developed by capitalizing on a huge third quarter. The Tomcats trailed 37-29 at halftime, but won the third period 21-6 to lead 50-43.

Throughout the game Trimble experienced some extreme foul trouble.

“I think we had 19 fouls,” Coach Caldwell said. “We had some people have to step in off the bench who did a great job.”

Guthrie and Jenkins played throughout the entire game and contributed a pair of double-doubles. Guthrie scored 18 points while Jenkins scored 17 points and both team members grabbed 10 rebounds.

Senior Tyler Sayre also added an impressive 12 points and six rebounds. Randy Hixon contributed nine points.

Trimble sank 26 of 50 from the field (52 percent) but only 15 of 38 (39 percent) of their free throws.

The ‘Cats had another difficult battle Dec. 12 against Crooksville, but managed to pull out a win 60-50. The Ceramics were up 8 going into the half, but once again Trimble used a huge third quarter consisting of a 19-0 run.

Moving forward, Coach Caldwell looks to build up some of the younger players with more practice and playing time.

“We only have three legitimate kids with varsity experience,” Caldwell said. “You can teach a lot of things. You can teach defense and you can teach offense but you can’t teach experience and that’s what gets you through games.”

The Trimble Tomcats look to continue their streak when they play another conference game on Dec.15 against the Miller Falcons.