Gridiron Glory Tradition Recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education

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Jordan Allen was up for the challenge.

When he saw a request from the Chronicle of Higher Education asking for short videos in an email last fall, he jumped at the chance to showcase a student tradition at Ohio University that is close to his heart.

The request came as a result of a story Why Campus Traditions Matter and asked for students to contribute traditions that they felt passionately showed their love for their campus.

Allen, a senior in the School of Media Arts and Studies who is majoring in integrated media, chose to showcase the Gridiron Glory huddle, a tradition that students participate in before each live show.

Gridiron Glory is a student-produced program that covers high school football in parts of central and southern Ohio. Students gather footage and produce the live show at 11:30 p.m. during the football season.

Allen’s video is featured on the Chronicle of Higher Education’s website, with Judge’s comments that the video had the highest production quality and that the story was well organized and original. Anthony Allocco narrated the production.

Allen chose to participate because he thought it would make good content for a media company he’s involved with in his hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y. called MindlezzThoughtz.

Why did he choose the Gridiron Glory huddle as the tradition to showcase for Ohio University? He said it’s simple: it meant the most to him.

“I’ve been apart of the WOUB family for four years,” Allen said. “Through shows like Gridiron Glory, Hardwood Heroes and The Bobcat Sports Showcase, I’ve been able to grow as an aspiring media professional and meet some of my best friends.”

Allen has served in several positions for the WOUB shows he’s been involved with, including as live camera operator, field camera operator and editor.

Allen says that working with the WOUB programs have been an important part of his college experience.

Gridiron means everything to me,” he said. “The video summed it up pretty well when Corbin said, ‘we are a family.’” He goes on to say, “I was able to be mentored by amazing upperclassmen when I was a freshman and have been able to mentor underclassmen as a senior. OU offers so much in the classroom but offers so much more beyond the four walls of the classroom.”

He knows that his video will serve as a reminder of good times in upcoming years.

“I made the video with the hope of showing this to my kids when I grow up and for the people involved in the show to do the same,” he said.