Nelsonville Notifies Residents of Water Contaminants

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After an analysis of water samples throughout 2015, the City of Nelsonville notified city residents that one chemical in the water was above normal levels.

The notice was sent out after monthly water samples taken at the end of the year by the city’s water office were more than the total levels of trihalomethanes (TTHM).

“We haven’t had a problem with (the levels) in the past,” said Mark Hall, city manager for Nelsonville. “We’re working with our engineers to try to figure out a resolution.”

TTHM levels should be below 0.080 mg/L, according to regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency. Hall said Nelsonville’s levels were only slightly above that.

The chemical is a byproduct of the chemicals used in the disinfection process for the water.

Because of the EPA standards, when the levels went above the standard level, Nelsonville was required to send out a notification. Despite the raised levels, Hall said the safety of the water is not in question.

“Unless you drink 40 to 50 gallons a day every day for the next ten years, it’s safe,” Hall said.

No boil order was issued by the city.

The EPA said longterm effects of exposure to TTHM can be liver and kidney issues, but no short term effects were given.

A timeline on a resolution to the chemical levels has not been determined, according to Hall. He said monthly tests on the water will continue as usual.

The city is not planning on sending out a notification when the water is back to normal TTHM levels, Hall said.