Meigs Continues to Grow In 42-Point Victory

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Teams often find learning opportunities in losses. When it comes to the Lady Marauders, they even find lessons in 42-point victories

Meigs focused on improvement in a 56-12 victory over Point Pleasant.

“Even in games like that, you can’t just sit back and relax,” coach Scott Cleland said. “You’ve gotta play four quarters.”

Cleland was able to give girls extra opportunities coming off the bench. Lady Marauders like Marissa Noble found consistency and helped Meigs (6-7) coast to victory.

Noble used her wing span to intercept passes and finish with steals.

“She’s one of those quiet ones and once we get her going she can shoot the lights out,” Cleland explained. “It’s getting her confidence up, so I think tonight was a good night for her.”

She knocked down two three-pointers in the second quarter, which contributed to Meigs’ ability to open the game up before halftime.

Shooting, especially from distance, was a struggling point for both teams. Point Pleasant and Meigs shot a combined 17 percent from behind the arc.

The Lady Marauders adjusted well to the inside game. Alli Hatfield and Danielle Morris, Meigs’ main two post players, developed their awareness, and each grabbed multiple offensive rebounds.

Whether it started on a steal or rebound, transition offense looked more smooth and less rushed than in past games. Players lifted their head and were able to find the open teammate down-court.

Because Cleland is building this team on defense, an improved transition game is key to the team’s growth.

The victory over Point Pleasant marks number five of the last six games that the Lady Marauders have won. They return to play at Eastern on Jan. 9.