Eagles Snag Fourth Win Despite Late N-Y Push

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The Eagles (4-10) flew out to an early lead that, never relinquishing, despite a strong comeback by the Buckeyes (4-11). Jett Facemeyer helped the Eagles avoid a late defeat by scoring eight points in the fourth quarter to fuel Eastern past Nelsonville-York 55-45. Cam Richmond also notched some clutch shots to secure the victory.

From the start of the third, the Buckeyes went on a 20-4 run up until the four minute mark of the fourth quarter. The defense for the Buckeyes stepped up in the third quarter, holding the Eagles to seven points and forcing turnovers that allowed Hunter Edwards to score points in transition.

Edwards caught fire during the run, hitting two 3-pointers and finishing at the rim multiple times in the third quarter.

Aron Davis and Edwards combined for 35 points, 18 and 17 respectively, to lead Nelsonville-York as the rest of the team was held to 10 total points.

However the Buckeyes attempt fell short, with the runs shifting momentum. Eastern finished the game on a 15-6 run by changing up their offense.

Facemeyer led Eastern with 18 points and four assists, and Richmond contributed 17 points, three boards and four assists. Chase Curtis contributed 8 points, including two three-pointers, and Corby Catlett added 4 points to round out the scoring for the Eagles.

The Buckeyes fall highlights the team’s struggle to find more scorers this season.

“We need a third scorer, takes the pressure off of everyone else,” said N-Y coach Jay Kline.

Having won four of its last five, Eastern travels to Trimble Jan. 29. N-Y heads to the road, facing Alexander on Jan. 29 as well.