Trimble Dominates Eastern

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The Eastern Eagles completely dominated the fourth quarter against Trimble. Unfortunately for the Eagles, the game was too far gone and it was the battle of junior varsity teams. Trimble won 68-53, but was not that close in play.

At halftime, the Tomcats already had a stellar 44-19 lead. Bryce Guthrie had 20 points in the half. The 20 points would be Guthrie’s game total as more and more bench players came into the game.

Eastern usually relies on Dillon Swatzel to be a force underneath the basket. Guthrie was the perfect answer to Swatzel with his similar size. Guthrie was able to outplay and get around Swatzel. Guthrie missed five shots, but had three offensive rebounds with a putback shot.

Trimble ended the third quarter on top 62-31 and the bench players started to transition into the game. With both teams playing mostly from the bench, Eastern outscored Trimble 22-6, allowing for the close final score.

For Trimble, only one starter, Kameron Curry, scored in the fourth quarter. Justice Jenkins, who had 14 total points, scored only six in the second half and joined Guthrie on the bench for the entire fourth quarter. The Eastern Eagles also put in bench players, but kept in Cam Richmond who had 14 points on the game.

The game was similar to Thursday’s game for the Trimble girls. The Tomcats also had a lead of around 30 points over South Gallia and put in bench players for the fourth quarter. The Tomcat girls were up 42-12, but ended with a 48-35 score.

The Tomcats (13-2), who are ranked at No. 9 in Ohio, will take on the No. 8 Waterford Wildcats at Trimble on Saturday. Eastern (4-11) will also have its next game against Waterford at Waterford on Tuesday.