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Freshmen Bring New Life to Ohio Swimming & Diving

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The Ohio University swimming and diving team was projected to finish 6th in the MAC this season but is hoping to challenge these odds thanks to an unlikely group of swimmers.

Despite their freshmen status, Emily Davis, Olivia Dillon, Ana Henderson, Mackenzie Hornstra, Nicole Hughes, Corrin Van Lanen, Lexie White, Maddie, Wyke and Kimberly Zehnder have already proven to be vital assets to the team.

Laura Dawson, a junior on the swim team, admits that the freshmen this year exceeded her expectations, both in terms of ability and maturity. She thinks that their belief in themselves and their teammates is going to be their secret to success.

Dawson predicts the other teams in the MAC will be frightened by the Bobcats during this year’s MAC Championship meet. Many girls on the team, including the freshman, are showing an exceptional amount of speed for this part of the season. By the time the Bobcats are tapered, Dawson thinks they will be even faster. Although she isn’t positive where they will place, Dawson said, “I know we won’t be 6th. I know that for a fact.”

The Bobcats will make this goal a reality during the MAC Championships from February 24-27.