VIDEO: When Tourists Do Too Much…

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A one of a kind, modern sculptural clock has been damaged at the National Watch and Clock Museum.

Apparently ignoring “do not touch” signs, surveillance cameras show a visitor to one of the timepiece galleries attempting to work the clock.

After several tries to make the clock functional, the timepiece falls off the wall.

The visitor attempts to put the clock back on the wall, and when that fails, rests the damaged clock on the floor.

Museum personnel were immediately notified and collected the timepiece.

No criminal charges are being considered.

According to the museum the clock is a modern sculptural clock by Minnesota artist James Borden who donated the timepiece to the museum in 1994.

It is six feet long and four feet wide and has internal workings known as a “grasshopper escapement.”

Borden has been contacted about the clock and plans to see if he can repair his sculptural timepiece.