Inmate Walks Off Logan Work Site

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An inmate from a correctional facility in Nelsonville walked off a work site Monday, and is still at large, according to law enforcement.

Logan police confirmed that Rodney Landis, of Lancaster had walked away from a work program at a Logan food bank where he was set to work. He is currently an inmate at the Southeastern Probation Treatment Alternative Correctional Facility (SEPTA).

A report from the Logan Daily News said four prisoners arrived and signed in at the Southeastern Ohio Foodbank and Kitchen on Monday, and only three returned from a smoke break outside the facility.

Landis was sent to the correctional facility after pleading in a 2015 Lancaster case where he was charged with possession of heroin, and a community control violation for failure to report, according to court documents.

Landis is described as being five feet, eight inches tall, weighing about 220 lbs., with red hair and a red beard.

A call to SEPTA program director Scott Weaver has not been returned.