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British Journalist Talks to Spectrum About Brexit and Its Ramifications

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Martin Walker, a noted journalist and author, says that nothing is going to move quickly in the United Kingdom after the recent Brexit vote to leave the European Union. He does not think that any official action will take place until at least September when a new Prime Minister is sworn into office.

Walker also reminded Americans that the British popular vote is “not necessarily binding.” Parliament will actually have to vote to withdraw from the EU following the referendum.  He says many are hoping that “cooler heads will prevail” and that Parliament will not take action to leave.

He also noted that, to date, 4 million signatures have been submitted to Parliament asking for a new referendum on the issue. Parliament is required to debate the issue of a second vote.

Walker says he agrees with President Barack Obama’s recent comments that we should just hit the “pause key” on the current hysteria surrounding the withdrawal vote.

Walker is a veteran journalist who spent some 28 years with The GUARDIAN, a British newspaper, in various reporting and editing capacities – including being US Bureau Chief.

He also appeared for many years on the Diane Rehm weekly News Round-Up on NPR.

In addition, Walker authors murder mystery novels set in his current home region of France.

While on a book tour of the United States, Martin talked with WOUB’s Tom Hodson about Brexit and its domestic and global ramifications.