Tri-Valley Hopes to Continue Its Domination On Morgan

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There are one-sided games between teams, and then there is what Tri-Valley has done to Morgan recently.

In the last decade, the Scotties have not just won every matchup, but have completely dominated it. The combined score in that time span is a 472-21.

In fact, the last time Morgan was able to beat Tri-Valley was in 2005, when the Raiders beat the Scotties, 42-0, in coach Justin Buttermore’s second year as head coach at Tri-Valley.

But the dominance does not mean Buttermore is changing his approach for Friday’s game.

“We’ve honestly approached it like we do every week,” Buttermore said. “We need to improve, that’s our goal. We don’t focus on any particular opponent, as long as we do our job and improve on both the sides of the ball, that’s the goal.”

And that approach worked last week when Tri-Valley beat Marion-Franklin, 27-7.

It was an impressive win for Tri-Valley, but that does not mean it was devoid of flaws.

Two of the aspects Scotties need to improve on are the three-and-outs and the offensive line. Buttermore says the offensive line has struggled since the start of summer practices at being able to maintain blocks and keep up consistency in the trenches.

Tri-Valley has the perfect opportunity at improving on offense against Morgan, a team that will be looking to recover from a difficult loss after a last-minute field goal against Marietta, 51-48.

The Raiders’ 48 points are the most by a Morgan team since Oct. 5th 2007, so despite the loss, there was a bit of a bright spot.

The question now becomes if they can transfer some of that offensive production against a team that prides itself on defense.

If Morgan wants to keep this game close it may entail getting into an offensive shootout with Tri-Valley and hoping the Scotties make mistakes that will allow the Raiders to keep the game close.